Danielle was great! She was such an awesome support for not only me but my husband as well. In a time where we could have easily felt very overwhelmed and alone, Danielle’s company helped in every way possible. Through her support before, during, and after the whole pregnancy and delivery both my husband and I were able to process and understand the full experience and come out with a positive outlook on it all. We can’t thank you enough!


Postpartum/doula/East Tn Doulas


I really can't express how thankful I am to have had Danielle as our doula and now friend. I ended up having the smooth, gentle, and natural birth I had been hoping for and it's because of Danielle. During pregnancy she pointed us to amazing resources to prepare, that I would never trade for the world. Then during the labor and delivery she was the most amazing support I could imagine. When I first got to the hospital I already saw how easy it would be to forget about what I really wanted and just get hooked up to medicine but as soon as she got there she had so many things that helped ease the pains. She helped my husband and I physically, emotionally, and mentally in ways we couldn't have done on our own. Plus she is extremely knowledgeable about breastfeeding so she helps with that in a big way too. I think everyone, no matter what type of birth you plan on should get a doula, they are irreplaceable and so important and obviously I highly recommend Danielle! Thank you sweet lady for all you have done for us!



 At 36 weeks, I was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and labor was induced; Danielle was my first phone call. Not only did she help me stay calm, but she also helped me ask questions to better advocate for myself and my daughter during a rather scary time. She made herself available for me immediately and stayed in contact until I was ready for her to come to the hospital. From the moment she arrived, it was all about me and making sure I was confident in the decisions being made that were off birth-plan and reassuring that ultimately my end goal- healthy mom, healthy baby- was in sight. I think what impressed me (and helped me) most was how responsive and intuitive Danielle was for both me and my partner.

Hannah F.

doula in knoxville with birth client in hospital

Danielle was great! She helped me achieve my goal of having a natural childbirth! She was a knowledgeable encourager from start to finish!


I had Danielle as my doula for my birth, and it was a great experience. She was supportive of my choices during the pregnancy and was a wonderful support during the birth of my baby, and even afterward with breastfeeding. She had a lot of techniques to help me cope and relax during the process and she worked with my husband to show him how he could best help me. We are glad we had Danielle there and would definitely hire her again for any future births!