What do newborn care .s.s..s.sdoulas do?

As your postpartum doulas, we:

  • Provide emotional support with reassurance and perspective;

  • Provide support, information, and basic troubleshooting for breastfeeding or bottlefeeding;

  • Help with relaxation, infant care and soothing, and comfort measures for common postpartum complaints;

  • Help with household organization, including light housework and meal preparation;

  • Help with sibling adjustment;

  • Help take care of your baby while you take a nap, a shower, or just have a moment with your partner!

  • As always, we will gladly provide information and educational materials, as well as referrals to outside providers as needed. We will be available for questions and help during both pregnancy and in the postpartum period.


Postpartum Doula Package – $25/hour for as long as you need!


We will meet your and your partner/support person for up to an hour. During this time,  we will get to know each other, discuss what you are looking for from your postpartum doula, and what our services are. We recognize that both your time and ours is valuable so this consultation costs $30. But don't worry – this consultation fee applies toward your final payment when you hire us. 

prebirth planning Sessions

Your postpartum doula package includes one additional prebirth planning session, up to 1.5 hours. During this meeting, we will discuss your desires and concerns about the time after your birth. We can discuss local resources that match your planned parenting style, help you coordinate assistance from your friends and family, or assist you in making an "after birth plan" (like a birth plan, only it helps you think through the time after your baby comes!).

postpartum visits

After your birth, you call us to let us know your baby has arrived and we will schedule your postpartum visits. We join you in your home and help you in a way that is tailored to your individual needs. See our lists above for all the ways we can help!


Recommended Options

Option A – Ideal for: All families! This provides a moderate level of help for the entire length of many parental leave options.

  • 4 hours of help per day

  • Three days per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

  • Six weeks of help

  • Investment: $1800


Option B – Ideal for: times of transition (for ex.: right after birth or when one parent returns to work)

  • 4 hours of help per day

  • Five days per week (Monday through Friday)

  • Two weeks of help

  • Investment: $1000


Option C – Ideal for: new parents with multiples, New parents with little to no free help from family and friends

  • 4 hours of help per day

  • Five days per week (Monday through Friday)

  • Six weeks of help

  • Investment:  $3000


Option D – Ideal for: New parents with lots of free help from family and friends

  • 4 hours of help per day

  • Two days per week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, depending on availability)

  • Four weeks of help

  • Investment: $800

Notes about payment

  • 10% discount to military families
  • Discount available to clients who are WIC recipients.
  • Got a baby shower coming up? Gift certificates are available for any amount!


  • All postpartum doula shifts are 4 hours in length.

  • We require a minimum of 12 hours of services (at least 3 shifts) to work as your postpartum doulas.

  • A 50% deposit is due at signing the contract. This allows us to mark your postpartum time in our calendar (with flexibility for the unpredictability of birth!). All remaining payments will be made weekly after services begin.

Not sure how much help you will need? 

  • Check out our suggested options!
  • Call us at 865-315-8548 for an individual recommendation or book your consultation today!