Newborn Care and Night Nannying

Have you heard of one of these? We can assist you with  sleep training, feeding help, infant massage, calming techniques, sibling care, and teaching you and your partner to be more involved in the care of your infant/ infants.

As a night nanny we can help you get more sleep! Sleeping is key to your recovery after having a baby/babies, and being functional overall. If you are breastfeeding we can bring the baby/ babies to you so you do not have to get out of the bed right away. If you are bottle-feeding we can take over a shift or bring the bottle ready for you to feed your baby. Night nannies are perfect for any family adapting to parenthood/ "infant hood", and we especially recommend this service to those who have twins/multiples!! We will take care of you and your family for the first 6 months or so.

Our N.C.S can troubleshoot and help you figure good feeding, sleeping, and routines to implement so that your postpartum experience is enjoyable, while you gain confidence to parent your child/children.