New Moms 8 Great Ways to Find Me Time

A new baby will be more demanding on your time than you could ever imagine. However, if
you ignore the need for some time to yourself, you will only become more stressed.
Following are eight great ways for new mums to find their “Me time.”

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1. Ask for help
Don’t try to do everything on your own – remember that’s perfectly OK to say, “I need a
break.” When you decide to accept help from others , you will be surprised at how many
different people are available to support you and give you some time to yourself.

2. Grandparents
If you are fortunate enough to have your parents or in-laws nearby, get them involved in
baby care. Nearly all grandparents are delighted at the opportunity to spend time with their
grandchildren, even when they are very tiny. Having grandmas and grandpas around
frequently from an early age can helps create a special bond between them and your baby,
which can benefit them all later in life.

3. Partner
Ensure your partner knows your need for some time for yourself. Arrange times when your
partner agrees to take charge of the baby so that you will share the responsibility of
parenting equally. Many fathers are delighted to have a designated time when they have the
baby all to themselves.

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Partners can often feel excluded and even slightly jealous of the special relationship that a
mother and baby share – so organising times when your partner is in charge will allow them
to develop a great relationship with their child and gives you a chance to do your own thing
for a bit.

4. Doula
If you don’t have family members nearby who can help you out, why not consider hiring a
? These non-medical support people can take good care of your baby while you enjoy
some time off.

5. Naps
Fortunately, all babies will sleep, eventually! When your child drops off, why not take a well-
earned nap yourself. A quick shut-eye can refresh and relax you to carry on with new energy
when everyone wakes up again.

6. Slack
Cut yourself some slack . That pile of ironing will still be there after you have enjoyed a good
natter with your best friend on the phone. With a new baby around, there are always a
million things to do, but don’t let them stress and overwhelm you. Just do what you can,
when you can.

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7. Relax
Whenever someone else is taking care of your baby, make the most of your time for
yourself. Take a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. Go to the cinema. Have lunch with
friends. Take full advantage of the time doing something you really enjoy. Don’t always be
tempted to catch up on the laundry or balance the chequebook. Those things can wait!
8. Fresh air
Get yourself out of the house whenever you get the chance. Giving birth is a stressful
experience for your body, so gentle walks and fresh air can help you to heal and regain your
strength. There is no better way to unwind and destress than by getting in contact with
Take a stroll around the park or head out to a wooded area or another local place of natural
beauty. If the weather permits, kick off your shoes and walk barefoot . Getting in contact with
the earth is a fantastic way to ground and center yourself. You will be filled with energy and
vitality so that when you return home, you will be able to cope much better with the
demanding task of mothering a small baby.

Johanna is a freelance writer from New Zealand who loves discussing family, home and lifestyle. A childhood
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