Our Promise to You

We will provide continuous non-judgmental support for you and your family, in a caring and respectful manner. We will listen to your thoughts and desires, and implement them as much as possible in your journey. We care deeply for our clients and want you to be completely satisfied at the end of our time together.


Meet our Doulas 

Danielle Anthony, CD Birth Arts

Co-Owner | birth Doula | Postpartum Doula

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My name is Danielle Anthony. I am a mother of two beautiful boys! I am the wife of a United States Marine. When I was pregnant with my first son, I made the decision to research and find someone that would be there for me. At the time I was under the impression that my husband would not be there for the birth of our son, because he was to deploy a few months before. I knew what I wanted for my birth plan, I wanted a completely natural birth. I wanted to labor at home, then go to the hospital once in active labor. I needed to find someone who believed I could do it and learn how to cope with pain without any medication. I spoke with my family and friends about my birth plan. Most of them thought I was crazy, that I wouldn't be able to accomplish such a feat, and I would end up with an epidural. This is when I decided to find a doula. I had heard that doulas were supportive of any birth the woman wants, and felt she could help me. Gosh she helped, my birth ended up being exactly how I envisioned it. I'm not sure what I would have done without my doula, or what would've become of my birth plan. In any case, she was so amazing she inspired me to become a doula myself. 

Now, I am here to care for and support all laboring women, with compassion and a nurturing touch. It is the pregnant woman's decision how she wants her labor and birth to happen. Medicine, or not, I will be here for continuous support no matter her decisions. I am certified with Birth Arts International.


Hillary Ebling, CD(DONA)

Co-Owner | birth Doula | Postpartum DoulA

Hillary Ebling doula knoxville.jpeg

My name is Hillary Ebling. My journey to becoming a doula took the long route. I worked in medicine for 5 years before to becoming a doula. During that time, I birthed my daughter (now a high-spirited toddler) and didn’t even know what a doula was! My husband and I thought we knew what to expect, but we later learned we had just skimmed the surface of our options!

When I returned to work, I still loved working with expectant families, but was more aware that the priorities and procedures emphasized at my job didn't align with what I found most important. I didn't get to counsel new parents as much as I wished at prenatal appointments or have the chance to support a client throughout her entire labor. I knew I wanted to be part of a more holistic approach to pregnancy and birth.

As soon as I learned about the role of doulas in maternity care, I began my training as both a birth doula and postpartum doula. Now, I am certified through DONA International and I dedicate my time and energy to empowering expectant families so they may have the best chance of achieving their ideal birth. 


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