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Ensuring you feel confident, cared for, and respected throughout your childbearing year. We exist to assist other doulas in they're career through taking care of the business side, client acquisition, invoicing, and payment structure.


East Tennessee

Ensuring you feel confident, cared for, and respected throughout your childbearing year

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East Tennessee Doulas LLC exists to provide families with the best non-clinical care possible as you grow and learn throughout your new parenting and multiples parenting years.

We are here to serve you and your family through...


Pregnancy &Birthing

Personalized birth planning

Prenatal Doctor Visits

Labor and birth assistance

help with Breastfeeding

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Newborn Care Specialist/Night Nanny


Sleep Training

Focus on the infant, and how to teach the parents to care for their baby



Support that you deserve 

You are amazing! You have the privilege of bringing life into the world. You should have people around you during your experience to affirm you, and support you, so that you can achieve your birth/ parenting goals! 

Doulas are your continuous, non-judgmental support throughout labor and the birth of your baby. You deserve the best, and that is what we want to provide!

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From the moment she arrived, it was all about me and making sure I was confident in the decisions being made that were off birth-plan and reassuring that ultimately my end goal- healthy mom, healthy baby- was in sight. I think what impressed me (and helped me) most was how responsive and intuitive Danielle was for both me and my partner. - Hannah F.

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Rest assured, you're not the only one with questions

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